Rising Sun

Originating in 2019 B.C, known then as the Halibirian Caravan, a group of nomadic traders who swore an oath to protect humans from evil and outsider threats at all costs. They have endured for over four thousand years of battle and are not to be underestimated, they will kill anyone if they half to as long as its for the greater good. The group does not have any single leader instead the Rising Sun simply functions in small pocket groups carrying on the ideals and strengths of the organization, During larger operations these small pocket groups will work together without hesitation.
The largest enemy of the Rising Sun is Memoc, and the group wishes to eradicate the beast at all costs. because of there extremest views they have come into numerous conflicts with the Benefactors and other positively aligned organizations.

waiting for an opportunity to strike at Memoc, the Rising Sun waited patiently till Kain had moved to Las Vegas hoping to assassinate him,away from the protection of the Benefactors. They kidnapped Lock and took him to the Eiffel Tower in Las Vegas, luring Kain into an ambush. But they had underestimated him, Lock and Kain both escaped, leaving dozens of Rising Sun operatives dead or severly injured.
From that point on the Rising Sun declared all out war on Kain and anyone that aligned themselves with him.
Plot after plot by the Rising Sun was thwarted by Kain and his allies. Growing desperate they enlisted the help of a sorcerer. He infiltrated Kain’s bar using a morphing spell,posing as an innocent little girl in danger and even though his intended target was Kain,who was out of town, the sorcerer seized the opportunity to kill one of Kain’s trusted allies, brutally murdering him. Although this event only served only to enrage Kain further. Kain led a personal vendetta against the Rising Sun hunting down members one by one. The organization was at the brink of defeat until Kain’s own brother, Abel approached them with a truce.

The Rising Sun had long known about the two Duality Sarcophagus’s and how it could separate one being into two. one of the sarcophagus’s was in the hands of the Benefactors and the other’s whereabouts currently were unknown believing it as the only way to stop Kain and Memoc they agreed to the truce with Abel in return he was to provide specific detailed information on the Benefactors headquarters, And the location of the second Sarcaphogus,In return The Rising Sun would spare Kain’s life. They enlisted the aid of James Tyrion a bounty hunter for hire, to capture Richardson distracting Kain and other key members of the Benefactors during a full scale Invasion of the Headquarters. The mission was a success and they recovered the Sarcophagus with the added bonus of destroying the Headquarters and paralyzing one of Kain’s strongest allies. They set up both Sarcaphoguses in a Warehouse and had Abel lure in Kain by kidnapping Lock. The Rising Suns agents waited in cover for the transfer to be complete, and take out Memoc. Abel did his part and got his brother inside the sarcophagus, but they had underestimated Memoc who had returned in full strength. he killed Abel and hundreds of the Rising Sun’s agent’s and escaped to terrorize the world.

The Rising Sun watched as there own brash actions unleashed Memoc upon the world, Only to be stopped by Kain and the Benefactors. The Rising Sun fragmented and went into hiding, Many of the members were dissatisfied at the organizations actions with Abel and the Sarcophagus’s And internal strife amongst the Rising Sun’s ranks erupted, fracturing the organization into two opposing sides. One side backed the old ways, while the other believed it was time to reform and fight with more of conscious like there enemy, the Benefactors.

A leader for the first time in the history of the Rising Sun stepped forward backing the new reform, Talia Fedorinskaya, under the pressure of eradication from within, She decided it was time to make a truce with the Benefactors. Vlad met her on behalf of the Benefactors,in a neutral location and the terms of the truce were agreed upon. In return for a lasting alliance the Benefactors would help assist, In subduing the internal strife and making the Rising Sun a whole organization once again.

The Rising Sun assisted the Benefactors on several missions strengthening the partnership between the two Organizations. Also at this time many Rising Sun agents worked directly for the Benefactors as a sign of courtesy, many joint missions and task forced were assigned, as slow and gradual reform to the Rising Sun began taking place. A wedding was even announced between Vlad and Talia that helped further the diplomatic unity.

Peace would not last for long, a small group of radical Rising Sun members who were against the truce between the two orginizations used a rare poison in an attempt to assassinate the leader of the Benefactors. Talia assisted Vlad in finding those responsible and a cure but it was to late, Richardson died and Talia feared for an all out war. Vlad now the leader of the Benefactors, knew that the majority of the Rising Sun was not to blame and war was avoided.

After Archon was resurrected, The Rising Sun met on the battlefield with the Benefactors at there side,together they defeated him and his demon army. After the battle was over they were asked to join the Benefactors and officially were incorporated as one organization.

Rising Sun

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