Shadows Uprising

The Back-Story Timeline.
Offical Timeline

Pre-Time line


• Memoc is banished to Earth.
• The First humans to wield magic shed their mortal skin and ascend to their own plane of existence, later to become known as the Elders.

2025 BC
• Memoc enslaves many humans into a massive camp.
• Memoc reign of terror sweeps through the known civilizations.

2024 BC
• A secret order of monks forms to oppose Memoc.
• Using a mystical well, they create an artificial being know as Zen in infant form.

2020 BC
• A small Warrior band of humans known as the Halbirian Caravan trick Memoc into impregnating one of their women with child, who would later grow to be Raahomon Tethlonis.

2019 BC
• The Halbirian Caravans is renamed the Rising Sun.
Raahomon Tethlonis the sorcerer is born.
Raahomon Tethlonisis stolen from the Rising Sun, by the Mountain Witches.

2017 BC
• Zen begins his training in Martial Arts


2016 BC
• The mountain witches form a deal with Memoc to destroy The Rising Sun.
• The Mountain witches begin hunting down the Rising Sun.

2014 BC

• The Rising Sun is forced to go underground as their numbers dwindle.

2010 BC

• In a last ditch effort the Rising Sun muster their numbers and defeat the witches at the battle of Raltan.
• The Rising Sun recover the child Raahomon Tethlonis.
• The remaining Rising Sun disappear with Raahomon Tethlonis.


2008 BC
• Zen learns he is an artificial being and despite his need for good leaves the order in anger.
• Zen disguises himself as a peasant and wanders nomadically.

2005 BC
• Zen is captured by Memocs Demons and is placed in a mining. camp.
• Zen befriends the slave woman known as Kelin, and falls in love.
• Kelin is killed by Memocs slavers.

2004 BC
• Zen creates and underground uprising within the slave camp.
• Zen and the slaves revolt and in an epic battle free themselves from Memocs tyranny.
• Zen creates an army from the slaves to march against Memoc.

A Tyrants Last Stand

2002 BC
Raahomon Tethlonis discovers he has powerful magic abilities beyond anyone at the rising sun.
• Memoc gathers an army to destroy Zen and the army of slaves.

Raahomon Tethlonis betrays the Rising Sun after discovering they are hiding his true origins from him.
Raahomon Tethlonis travels to the mountain witches enclave, and learns of his true origins.
2000 BC
• Memoc And Zen’s army’s meet at the base of the city Lagash
• Memoc and Zen’s army battle for three days until Zen’s army retreats into the mountains.
• Memocs army pursues Zen’s into the mountains.
• In a guerilla like warfare Zen’s army defeats Memocs.
• Zen defeats Memoc, but not without using most of his energy.


1999 BC
• Zen releases his army, And journeys back to his order to die peacefully
Raahomon Tethlonis finds Memoc dead at the base of the mountain
• Zen returns home to die amongst his family.

Raahomon Tethlonis takes over the remnants of Memocs army.
• Zen followers gather outside the temple as Zen dies peacefully.
• To honor Zen, the monks use the well again to create the infant Zen but each time was less strong than the last.


1997 BC
Raahomon Tethlonis marches into the city of Lathin, and claims it as his throne.
Richard Richardson formes a small alliance of the city’s educators and began aiding warriors with arcane knowledge. Soon the alliance would be named the Benefactors.
Richard Richardson and the Benefactors rise against Ramone and defeat him, Raahomon Tethlonis escapes.
• As revenge Raahomon Tethlonis unleashes a spell that destroys the city of Lathin.
Richard Richardson and several Benefactors escape the spell and travel outside the know lands to gather others to their cause.

1554 BC
Richard Richardson Journeys deep into the mountains pursuing Raahomon Tethlonis.

Richard Richardson discovers a temple use by demons who worshiped an ancient demon god named Garmoth.

Richard Richardson is captured.
Richard Richardson escapes and thwarts the cultist plan to resurrect Garmoth.

Richard Richardson uses a spell to send all the demons into the ethereal plane, and leaves the dark temple, abandoned.


650BC-645 BC
• With each new generation of Zen they each grow weaker.
• The monk Order officially becomes the Order of Zen.
• Zen leads the order in a pilgrimage to the mountains of Tibet.
• They discover an abandoned temple created by demons long ago, and make it their new home.
• The demons use the ethereal plane to kill the monks in their slumber
• Zen purposely falls asleep and destroys the remaining demons to free the temple from the evil that loomed over it for so long.
• Zen spends the remainder of his life scryeing into the future.
• Zen tells his order not to recreate him until Raahomon Tethlonis returns from hiding.


400BC-359 BC
• Several descendants of the elders masquerade as gods of many cultures
• Lock an omnipotent being and a descendant of the Elders masquerades as Loki, the trickster god of the Norse.


358 BC

• Lock an omnipotent being and descendant of the Elders decides to take a bath in the Pacific Ocean, destroying the human civilization of

357 BC
• the surviving Atlantian’s mages develop a magical Crystal Cube capable of containing Lock and the Elders
• The Atlantians trick lock and contain him in the cube.
• The Elders are astonished that humans have the ability to contain them and decide it best to ban interference with humanity.
• The demon Karsuss grows weary of being a powerful being that shares the same power as others and plots to rule everything.


• With the coming of Christ the world is enveloped in Christianity.
• The tide of Magic is stemmed and a majority of Demons leave the world in a mass exodus.
• Richardson and the Benefactors fade into the shadows.
Raahomon Tethlonis travels to Europe and begins acquiring finance’s.


• A catholic inquisitor named Archon makes a deal with an entity calling itself the Shadow to obtain power fro it but first he must feed it with humanities suffering.
Archon used the inquisition to feed the entities appetite making it and him much stronger.

1609 AD
Archon shared the power with the Shadow and created a dungeon where he would torture numerous souls.
Archon needed a pure soul to feed the shadow so he lured a knight from his order in.
• The knight named Jonathan Luke a well know demon slayer, is
Captured and tortured.
• Jonathan was rescued when the Benefactors raided the castle.
• Seeking revenge Jonathan battles Archon and defeated him.
• Before Archon was killed he uses magic to seal himself in a stone tablet.
• The Shadow Entity disappears.
• Jonathan, questioning his faith set out to sea with the tablet to make sure Archon was never resurrected.

1620-1630 AD
• Jonathan looking for a place to hide the tablet far from humanity booked a voyage on the mayflower to America.
• Once in the Americas Jonathan traveled hazardously to what is modern day Arizona.
• Jonathan befriends a tribe of Indians called the Xalychidom,
• Jonathan learns that they have the mystic knowledge to protect the tablet.
• The Xalychidom and Jonathan put the tablet to rest at the bottom of the lake near their village.
• Jonathan knowing the tablet is safe with the Xalychidom journeys westward


1631 AD
• Jonathan comes across a mysterious cave that seems to be a portal to a hell like dimension
• Jonathan journeys into it finding it as a staging point for a demonic horde.
• The horde is waiting for its master Memoc to return.
• The demons have telepathic abilities and challenge Jonathans faith
• Jonathan summons his might and battles demon after demon.
• Jonathan becomes overwhelmed and has no choice but to sacrifice him as he uses all his might to collapse the cave on itself.


1882 AD
The Shadow Entity influences the Xalychidom protector.
• The Xalychidom protector attempts to resurrect Archon from the stone tablet.
Richard Richardson leads a posse of newly recruited warriors against the Xalchidom Protector.
• The Xalchidom Protector flees westward towards San Francisco
• The Xalychidom Protector is Stopped by Richard Richardson
• The Tablet is recovered and destroyed, leaving Archon spirit stranded in a purgatory like plane.
Richard Richardson decides to create the Benefactors council in San Francisco.


1902 AD
Richard Richardson gathers twelve of the most powerful Benefactors and forms the council.
Raahomon Tethlonis invest his wealth in several European financial corporations.
1903AD • Richard Richardson travels overseas to the spot of where Alden resting place was.
Richard Richardson is tormented by the Spirits of Alden.
1904 AD
• An archeologist Derick Riles Cason leads an expedition to the ruins of Alden
• The expedition is destroyed as they mysteriously turn on each other.
Derick Riles Cason escapes only to find him wandering in what seems to be the reformed city of Alden.
Derick Riles Cason encounters a tortured Richard Richardson and Rescues him.
Derick Riles Cason and Richard Richardson work together to free the souls of Alden.
Derick Riles Cason Joins the Benefactors.


1929 AD
Raahomon Tethlonis uses the stock market crash to purchase numerous penny stock
Raahomon TethlonisCapitalizes on the war and becomes a millionaire.
Raahomon Tethlonis sets up a multi-national corporation Future of America based in San Francisco.
Raahomon Tethlonis creates a personal security and strike force.


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