Zen (modern)

The God That Walks Among men.


Age: 29
Birthday: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Hair: Black
Eyes: Dark Brown
Weapons: Unarmed Combat(Judo,KungFu,Jujitsu,Akido)

A being of pure energy compressed into the form of a man. Raised by devout monks, Zen is a protector of humanity from the things that lurk in the Shadows.Zen has many “super” abilities he can leap great lengths defy gravity and run along walls and has the strength of ten men. The Modern day Zen is the last of the Zen legacy, the magical energy used to create him long ago has since all but been drained from the “great well” Zen spent most of his early years training in martial arts and weaponry like those before him and learning the history and nature of evil that threatens our world. Being the last of his Legacy and the orders last hope to Defeat the evil Sorcerer Ramone, the nature of his origins was concealed from him. He grew up without much knowledge of the outside world and led a sheltered life, growing restless and curious as to his true purpose in the world, Zen Defied his order and left for America. Zen was determined to learn the nature of his origins even if it meant confronting the enemy before he was ready. It wasn’t till he arrived at Future of Americas tower, did he happen upon Casey and Vlad rescuing Dustin Ash becoming entwined in a plot much larger than his own ambitions.

Zen (modern)

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