Shadow Entity

Earth Evil Incarnate


Age: Unknown
Birthday: Unknown
Hair: none
Eyes: none
Weapons: none


Not much is known about the creature, It is believed that it is the sentient culmination of all the evil on Earth. It’s true origins remain a mystery. It has no physical form or appearance, it is only seen as a tall dark shadow cast upon a surface. it has no powers or ability’s but seems to feed off of the suffering of others, and is skilled at tormenting its prey with whispers in the dark.

First Encounters
Around the sixteenth century it had grown enormously strong from the pain and torment caused by the Catholic Inquisition manipulating the Inquisitor Archon for its own appetite.
There are no further records of the entity until it manipulated the Xalychidom wolf-protector to help resurrect Archon in the late eighteen hundreds. This is the Benefactors first encounter with the creature.

Final Encounters
Kain and the Benefactors encountered the Shadow Entity when it began tormenting Kain, harassing him and delving into his memories influencing the actions of his lesser judgement. the creature’s goal was to try and drive him mad and evoke Memoc, and then feed off of the ensuing chaos. It was thwarted by Vlad who became suspicious of Kain’s radical behavior change, and he used a revealing spell and discovered the creature,Driving it away back into the dark.The Shadow Entity was never heard from again but evil always exists and so will it.

Shadow Entity

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