Raahomon Tethlonis

Son of Memoc


Alias: Ramon Teth, Ramon Tethlonis.
Birthday:2019 A.D.
Hair:Black, with streaks of white
Eyes:Jet black
Weapons:Magic, Minions

The Son of Memoc, Ramon is as cruel as he is relentless. His single goal over the two thousand years of his unnatural life are to Rule over men as a god. He has no respect for life and believes only the strongest should survive, human or not. In the past he has been known to wipe out entire civilizations in rage or to kill on a whim. In present day San Fransisco Ramon owns the Powerful trade company Future of America, through which he funds his own personal security force and underwrites all the funding for his nefarious schemes. Much of Ramon past is shrouded in darkness lost to time, but, it is known that Ramon has several heirs who all share his special demonic blood, it is said that if Ramon were to ever fall, he would pit his children in battle against each other for control of his vast assets.

Raahomon Tethlonis

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