Elder God Offspring


Age: Deceased
Birthday: Unknown
Hometown: Unknown
Hair: Light blond (Human Form)
Eyes: Green (Human Form)
Weapons: Simple Magic


Lock is the offspring of the Elders, a race of magically ascended beings. He has a very mischievous nature and while not evil in his omnipotent form he has caused much harm throughout history. Lock is Immortal like the rest of his kind, and it is unknown what his exact age is. He is considered a juvenile compared to the rest of the Elders.
Lock’s favorite form of amusement was to pose as gods from various cultures throughout history, It is said he was even responsible for the creation of the god Loki, Although scholars have never confirmed this. He has claimed responsibility for destroying the city of Atlantis on “accident” and is also responsible for the Elders forbidding any interference in human history, and his own Imprisonment in the Crystal Cube by the remnants of the Atlantians.

Lock was trapped in the Crystal Cube for over a thousand of years until he was released by Hugo Teth with ambitions to manipulate him for his own purposes, but the Interference of Kain Cameron and the Benefactors thwarted Hugo’s plans, unleashing him upon a new and different world for amusement.He playfully tormented Kain, Sending him to the top of the San Fransisco Bridge in his boxers and transforming most of the city’s vehicles into living creatures. Fortunately for humanity, the Elders intercepted Lock not long after his new found freedom,Taking Lock back to the heavens where he belonged.

Lock was not heard from for a year, although Lock had no concept of morality to speak of he was “touched” at Kain and the Benefactors that helped free him. He would spend many days watching the Benefactors and the rest of Humanity, learning everything he could about human compassion and morality.
One day while gazing upon into the life of his rescuer Kain, He couldn’t find him anywhere. . Panicked Lock searched the entire realm of earth with no luck. He expanded his search to the The Heavens and the other planes of existence with not even a trace of Kain. Lock finally found his rescuer, but he wasn’t in the place he expected. Kain was trapped in one Memocs Hell World. Lock could not stand to see the only human being who ever cared for him suffer, and In a second transported himself and Kain back to earth, Just in time for Kain’s own funeral and thankful for the returned favor. Lock bid his human friends as he learned to call them farewell and prepared to return to his own plane of existence, but he could not return, he had become mortal in his act of interference and was banished to earth.

Lost and confused, and stuck in the Human form of an eight year old child, Lock journeyed to Las Vegas with Kain where he helped establish the Kain Cameron Investigations and Bar. At first Lock served more of a nuisance than aid, spending much of his time learning human card games and indulging in the drinking of alcoholic beverages at the bar. This caused many child welfare and other civil run-ins for Kain.
While only mortal Lock discovered that he was still able to tap into human magic and was able to levitate small objects, see through small objects and other simple magic tricks, Most of which he used to cheat at cards or scam a random patron of the bar out of there money.
Eventually Lock would find his place at Kain’s side, posing as a child at an orphanage terrorized by a demon or sneaking into hard to reach places. He was also appreciated for his curiosity of basic human facts, often amusing Kain or Zen (modern) with simple questions about humanity.
Throughout the years of being human Lock went on many adventure with Kain and learned allot about what it means to be human, but he always retained his sense of selfish preservation, and would often cower despite his companions impending fate.

Locks true test of his humanity came when The demon Memoc was separated from Kain and the bar was set under siege by a horde of demonic followers. Fleeing the bar Lock looked up and saw Memoc perched on the rooftop ready to swoop down and snatch David, Kains adopted son. Making a snap decision Lock dove for David pushing him out of the way, being snatched up himself and dropped fifty feet through the bars glass ceiling. Broken and dieing Lock looked up one last time at his friends smiling at them, knowing what it truly meant to be human.

Unknown to Lock, the Elders had a purpose to his banishment, long ago had there humanity been lost, and they had hoped Lock could eventually bring it back to them with experience. Lock found himself once again amongst the Elders with the offer to reintegrate back into his godlike state, under the condition that he would teach what he learned. Lock refused and told them " I cannot teach you what I have learned, it is something you must experience for yourself." and with that Lock Spirit faded into a human death.

Lock visited Kain years later as a spirit, on the eve of his battle with Archon. He thanked his friend for what he had taught him in his years as human and told his friend “I learned there isn’t allot of time to be human, But what I did learn is that to be happy with what time you have.” grateful for his friends advice Lock vanished into the great beyond once and for all.


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