Kain Cameron

Possesed by the Demon Memoc


Alias: Casey
Hometown:New Jersey,New York
Hair: Dusty Blond
Eyes: Light Blue
Weapons: Baseball Bat,Kain’s Coat,The Rancore,Backyard Boxing,Judo


Kain also known as Casey, due to his obsessive use of his baseball bat. Kain is best known for being the worlds greatest savior and at the same time its greatest threat.
Orphaned and separated from his brother at a young age, Kain grew up in an orphanage, his early life was rough, he would have severe fits of rage and would be outcast from most of the social groups due to this. He was very intelligent and spent most of his childhood reading and studying books in solitude.
It wasn’t until he was in high school that his life would change dramatically. One day while trying to impress a girl he liked named Brittany,He was approached by the class bully and Brittany’s boyfriend Reginald Teth, as Kain tried to avoid a fight, he grew angry at the bully’s constant taunts. He blacked out and came to in jail where he was told in a fit of rage he had severely injured Reginald and accidentally struck and injured Brittany. The judge sentenced him to one year in prison, since he was no longer a minor and subject to adult sentencing.
Puzzled and upset about the black out, Kain quickly had to adapt to the violent life in prison. He would often find himself in various brawls with prisoners blacking out and finding himself in solitary confinement for beating the pulp out of them.
He also began to train with an unknown inmate in several martial arts forms its never been confirmed on who this individual is, but it is known that by the time of his release he was skilled at Judo and adapt in the ways of backyard boxing techniques.
When Kain was released he had no where to go, so he began his life on the streets. He would eventually come to be a protector of the streets and all who traveled them. armed only with his baseball bat, he would punish those who would commit crime against the innocent, Kain saw this as pension for his own violent crimes. Kain adopted the nickname Casey from the story “Casey at the Bat”, to cover his true identity from prying police detectives or other nosy sorts.Kain would often blackout during battle and end up standing over his crumbled victims, in fear of hurting anyone innocent he sought to protect, he made sure to keep his distance from most anyone.
It wasn’t to the fateful run in with the sorcerer Ramone did Kains true destiny start to take shape, he would go on to be the most controversial hero in history of the Benefactors.

Kain Cameron

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