James Tyrion

Half-Human Half-Demon Mercenary


Hometown: Siberia,Russia


Tyrion was a man without a past, he only had fragmented memories that were never clear. He remembered bits about past being a young boy on the streets in Siberia and living in a home for boys until it was burnt down, and his first job as a mercenary but the rest was a blank to him. He had strong magical abilities and used them in his trade as mercenary and bounty hunter,He would always take the highest paying job and turn down the rest, while a mercenary who worked for the highest bidder Tyrion tried his best to keep a moral sensibility to his work. He would often turn down jobs that he didnt agree with. or one that felt unsavory in nature to him. He was Exceptionally good at his trade, but he always longed to serve for a larger purpose.

The Purpose
Tyrion was contracted by the Rising Sun to kidnap Richardson as a diversion for an assault on The Benefactors,while not his usual type of job, Tyrion felt compelled to take the Job. After he succeeded in his mission with relative ease, Richardson convinced him to do something more honorable with his abilities and if he was to let him go free, he would help Tyrion find what he sought about his past. He agreed and joined Kain, Vlad and Zen in the defense of the Benefactors, although the headquarters fell and Zen was gravely injured, for the first time in his life he felt like he had a purpose.

Past Revealed
Almost a year passed with no information on his past to be found.Tyrion received a mysterious email from a man in Siberia. He claimed he could give him the answers he sought about his past. Tyrion jumped at the chance to find out about his past. He set out for Russia not telling anyone where he was going. He followed the emails enclosed g.p.s coordinates to an underground bunker. The bunker led to a strange lab filled with archaic ruins, and medical technology the walls were lined with incomplete half human half demon clones. In shock the mysterious man reveled himself to Tyrion claiming to be his father. Curious he entertained the mans claims, He told Tyrion he was the product of an experiment to combined magic and Science to form the perfect warrior and he had been searching for his son ever since he had run away. Tyrion couldn’t believe what he was hearing, In his moment of vulnerability the man injected him with a syringe knocking him out. When Tyrion awoke he was strapped down to a blood extraction machine. The man further revealed to Tyrion that he was indeed the combination of human and demon Flesh and was the key to finish creating his army of half human half demon army, all that he needed was Tyrions blood.

Little did he know, Kain had been tracking him all along. He burst into the bunker and freed Tyrion, enraged he chased down his would be father down, cornering him and shooting him in cold blood, He didnt even bothered to get the doctors name. He then burnt the lab to the ground. he stated to Kain grimly “I have no past.” Tyrion served the Benefactors for years after his encounter, facing Apocalypse after Apocalypse without ever looking back at his past again.

Almost ten years passed, His friends had all but left and Vlad had asked Tyrion to watch over the Benefactors for a period of time and he took over as there leader, teaching magic to new generations and mentoring new Benefactors. Tyrion waited for five long years with no sign of Vlad’s return.
Asome point Tyrion fell under the influence of the powerful being known as the Karsuss, driven slowly mad by its vast magical powers.It is unclear exactly at what point Tyrion fell into darkness.
Tyrion is responsible for single handedly opening the the portal for the Karssus to come to earth, once on earth it took form as a gigantic dragon and began wreaking havoc. Tyrion’s warped mind cheered his masters chaos and destruction. Vlad returned to Earth rallying Kain and Zen together to fight the Karssus. Tyrion still under The Karssus influence attacked The trio, Vlad having no choice used a powerful spell severing Tyrion from magic permanently but also freeing him from the Karssus influence. Daised, but ok Tyrion joined his old friends in combat, defeating the Karssus.Tyrion was shaken from the Influence of the Karssus and ashamed of his actions but was glad to be in the company of old friends. He knew at that point that he had a family of his own all along.

James Tyrion

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