Villainous Inquisitor


Age: Deceased
Birthdate:1556 A.D.
Hometown: Unknown, Europe
Hair: Silver
Eyes:Dark Brown
Weapons: Magic

Archon was the most cruel and torturous Catholic Inquisitor of his time. At some point in his early life, he developed skills in dark magic. These ability’s drew the attention of Shadow Entity Archon worshiped it as a dark god feeding it with The suffering of those he tortured. The Shadow Entity begged Archon for a pure soul to feed upon, so Archon lured in the young knight Jonathan Luke into his dungeon. He was on the brink of breaking Jonathan when the castle was raided by the Benefactors, Jonathan escaped in the turmoil and chased down Archon challenging him to battle. While not yet strong enough to use magic in his defense, he was severely wounded, In desperation Archon sealed his Spirit into a magical stone tablet, a spell the Shadow Entity had taught him just weeks before the raid.
Almost three hundred years would pass until The Shadow Entity would attempt to resurrect Archon, but this time the Benefactors were ready, and they destroyed the Tablet believing that it would kill him once in for all. Instead it sent Archon to a purgatory like Dimension. There Archon waited patiently for revenge against the Benefactors.
Waiting he developed his dark magics, tapping into the energy that bound the realm together, shaping the Dimension in his own design, He would wait for passing demons and creatures and promise to them an attempt at salvation, and new kingdom to conquer, thus forming his own personal demon army. He also learned the ability to influence the minds of the weak on Earth by reaching out through the ethereal plane and had cult formed in his name to carry out his bidding.
Rebirth and Defeat
Archon was eventually resurrected by his cult on Earth and his demonic army with him. To his surprise he was met with untied Rising Sun and the Benefactors. They met on the battlefield outside the city of San Fransisco, the two army’s clashed for dominance of Earth. During the battle he was confronted by Vlad the new leader of the Benefactors, and was defeated once and for all in a spectacular magic battle ripping Archon from the fabric of reality annihilating his spirit so that he could never again return,as his demon army was defeated shortly after his death.


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