Abel Cameron

Lawyer, Mechanic, Brother, Betrayer.

Abel Cameron


AGE: Deceased
FAMILY: Kain Cameron
HOMETOWN:New Jersey,New York
HAIR:Golden Blond
EYES:Dark Blue

Affiliations: Benefactors , Rising Sun

Languages: English

Early Life
Abel is a man of many different worlds, but belongs to none. separated from his brother at a very young age, he was adopted into a wealthy family. He lead a youthful life of privilege and respect in high society.In his days as a teenager Abel would spend countless hours at a time working on vehicles in the garage, much to the dismay of his adoptive parents. He enjoyed automotive mechanics and would often work on classmates who could not afford to fix there vehicles for free. After graduating High school and at the urging of his parents, he went to law school. He became a lawyer at the age of twenty six. He practiced Law for three years building a steady and solid reputation. While working a particular case, he knew without a doubt his client was guilty of the rape charge, but despite his moral quandary’s he did his job. he managed to convince the Jury to return and innocent verdict. afterwards he tried to bury his guilt but never could put it behind him, it was always there in the back of his mind.Several months later he read an article in the newspaper saying the former client had been caught again raping another woman. He realized at that moment he no longer had the stomach to practice law. He quit his firm and lost the respect of his peers and was out casted from his adoptive family and moved Away from New York to a rural town where he opened up his own automotive shop. he enjoyed the steady business and living a quiet more honest life.
Brothers United
a few years after he opened up his shop Abel started having problems with a local motorcycle gang pressuring him and others local businesses for protection money with violence. Abel had lost hope, until a stranger named Kain showed up in town and defeated the gang singlehandedly.
thankful for the strangers help, Abel offered his hospitality to the stranger,he felt strangely connected to him, and sensed that there was more to the stranger than meets the eye. Eventually after a few beers and the story of there births did the connections click, and they realized they were indeed brothers separated at a young age. There joys were short lived, the Biker Gang had returned,He watched his long lost brother transform into a fierce warrior again, defeating the gang once and for all. During the battle an explosion from one of the gangs motorcycle caught Abel’s shop on fire, the fire spread and it went up in a spectacular explosion. Kain offered his Abel a job doing a “special” kind of Private Investigations. having no other options and eager to learn more about his long lost brother, Abel agreed.
but, he quickly found himself enveloped into a dangerous and foreign world of magic and the supernatural. Abel never really adapted well to the new world, he always felt like an outsider, he would help Derick with research or handle the bars legal matters, or occasionally worked on Kain’s vehicle. He didn’t understand Zen and would often get into verbal conflict with Lock. Still despite his outsider feeling, Abel was glad to be by his long lost brothers side. It wasn’t until the Rising Sun had declared war on Kain and they murdered Derick, did Abel come to see the true horrors inside his brother.
Betrayal and Fall
Abel had always been cautious of the demon inside his brother, and the outburst of violence it would cause, but ignored it since Kain was the only real family he had until months into the war with the Rising Sun, He watched as Memoc took control of Kain and brutally slaughtered the entire squad of Rising Sun foot soldiers without mercy, tearing them limb from limb. tired of the violence and bloodshed He set out to find a way to get rid of Memoc once and for all, and end the war between his brother Kain and the Rising Sun. He secretly met with agents of the Rising Sun, asking for a truce, and a way to save his brothers life but also to remove the influence of Memoc. They told him about the Dualaity Sarcophagus and how it would interact with the one the The Benefactors had found years earlier. Abel worked from the inside, feeding the Rising Sun information on how to steal the Sarcophagus from The Benefactors headquarters, as well as the whereabout of the second sarcophagus, He eventually located it in private collectors warehouse and he used his access to the Benefactors and siphoned off the money to have it secretly shipped to The Rising Sun.
The Rising Sun launched a full scale raid on the Benefactors headquarters using the information Abel had given. During the chaos they managed to steal the first Duality Sarcophagus unnoticed, many people were hurt including Zen. And the Original Benefactors headquarters was completely destroyed.The Rising Sun contacted Abel telling him the final step was to lure Kain into a trap. Abel kidnapped Lock and dragged him to the location of the two Sarcophagus, luring his brother into the trap. Once Kain arrived he was shocked to see his brother Abel behind the kidnapping.Several Rising Sun soldiers ambushed Kain and restrained him thrusting him into the Sarcophagus. Abel never forgot the look of pain he saw in his brothers eyes. Abel read the Inscription and after a show of magic and lights, Kain fell out of the sarcophagus, drained, to the floor. Abel tried to comfort his brother, but Kain spit in his face in disgust,cursing his stupidity. Shortly after Memoc burst out of the second sarcophagus growing to full form before Abel’s eyes, killing the Rising Sun soldiers in an instant. Memoc grabbed Abel lifting him off the ground by his neck, twisting it like a quark-screw, killing him in an instant.
Abel had sentenced himself to an afterlife of torment in hell, for his betrayal. Several years, which seemed like eons to Abel passed. He spent the years in agony and torment for his deeds until his brother ventured into the very depths of Hell for a deal. He would once again be bind his soul to Memoc and Abel would be allowed to ascend into the heavens. The deal was made despite his protests and Kain gave his forgiveness to Abel as he departed for a better afterlife.

Abel Cameron

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